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Emerging in 2015 as a visionary spin-off from GlobalNET, founded in 2000, Kuack Media Group rapidly positioned itself at the cutting edge of music streaming innovation. Benefitting from the solid foundation laid by GlobalNET — which boasted over two decades of prowess in mobile software, entertainment, and content development — Kuack Media capitalized on this legacy, making remarkable strides in a mere 8 years.


While its initial operations were deeply anchored in Latin America and the Caribbean, Kuack’s avant-garde approach to music streaming soon found resonance in the European markets. As 2023 unfolds, the firm is strategically expanding its footprint, venturing into new terrains in Africa and the Middle East, with promising partnerships in the pipeline


Kuack’s vast network, spanning 42 countries across four continents, offers a staggering 250 million users access to authentic and legal music streaming. This service isn’t just about high-quality music access; it’s a strategic tool tailored for partners aiming to enhance key business KPIs. Through Kuack’s platforms, partners witness improvements in churn reduction, customer satisfaction, and branding, solidifying their market stance by delivering unparalleled value-added services to their clientele. The innovative business models also accommodate those without traditional banking means, catering to users preferring varied subscription durations, from weekly plans and beyond. Kuack takes immense pride in its bespoke platforms — each meticulously tailored to regional nuances, celebrating local artists, and capturing the unique musical heartbeat of every locale

At the platform’s core lies Kuack’s technological prowess, adorned with AI-powered features. These facets, alongside a patent-pending method for playlist discovery, elevate the platform’s distinction. It’s worth noting the company’s robust relationships, securing licenses from every major record label, distributor, and integrator globally, curating an impressive catalogue of over 110 million songs.


Ventures such as GodBeats, introduced in Brazil, illuminate Kuack’s commitment to identifying market voids and filling them innovatively. This is further echoed by their pioneering entry into the U.S. market with a distinct music streaming service crafted exclusively for inmates, underscoring their ethos of inclusivity and progressive thinking.


Kuack’s expertise isn’t confined to just music. Recognizing music’s ubiquitous allure and its bridging capability across varied industries, they’ve seamlessly integrated it across sectors. Their alliances, ranging from elite gyms in Latin America, banking powerhouses in Brazil, to specialized solutions for fintech firms in Mexico, underscore Kuack’s unparalleled adaptability. Their portfolio, a medley of over 400 digital video and music projects, stands testament to this versatility.


As we approach a new horizon, Kuack Media Group is not content reminiscing its illustrious past but is fervently poised to shape what’s next. They stand as a beacon of innovation, a name echoing musical evolution, and the preferred partner for industries keen on integrating the timeless charm of music into their stories.

Mobile Operators

Kuack Media is the current market leader in white label music streaming platforms for mobile operators in Latin America and the Caribbean. Kuack Media also operates in South Pacific and Africa. 8 mobile operators in 48 countries have trusted on Kuack Media and over 200 million mobile subscribers can access to our services.


Kuack Media has surprised the industry with a new business model specially designed and developed for emerging markets and mobile operators in which music is now accessible for everyone and is a real tool to retain and increase the ARPU of mobile subscribers, thus developing a profitable long-term relationship between the mobile and music industries.


Our partners trust us, because we deliver a turn key solution, we take care of the licensing, development, integration and 24/7 support of the platform. We take care of the entire operation so our clients can focus on their business.


Kuack Media has developed over 400 digital music & video (streaming/download) projects for the most important brands and industries in the world, including airlines, banks, mobile devices, retail, among many others.

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